Counseling for Creatives, Perfectionists, and People Pleasers

In Person & Secure Online Therapy

I offer both in person and online counseling for residents of the state of Texas. Research shows online/virtual counseling to be effective way to fit counseling into your life. I am an in network provider with Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield and United.

Anxiety. Depression

Some describe it as an elephant sitting on their chest or that nagging worry keeping them up night after night . While for others it's a heaviness that feels overwhelming.

Grief Counseling

It may be a death of a loved one, or a closed door to a dream. Something unexpected has happened in your life which can feel disorienting. Many of my clients feel like they are starting over again in life.

Career. Purpose. Making Decisions.

I work with people who feel stuck. Losing a job or being uncertain of your next step can be intimidating. Counseling can be a place for you to sort out your past and free yourself to new possibilities.