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What is counseling with Haley like?
A safe space tucked away from judgement and the chaos of life. Located in The Woodlands Texas, close to all that Houston has to offer. I counsel in a calm, comfortable room in a home turned into therapy center. It feels much like walking into grandma's house. While therapy can be difficult at times, I will walk and talk you through all of the ins and outs. I work with many people who have never tried counseling before or have experienced the wrong fit.

My practice attracts a lot of different types of people; creatives, helpers, college students, millennials, young professionals, mothers, fathers, business professionals. If that's not you that's ok, I bet we will get along too. I consider myself a creative, inspired by the beautiful things of life. I'm also a former university counselor, and recovering people pleaser. I like humor and whimsey. Self pay counseling rate is $130 for a standard session, If using insurance, I accept United and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Counseling is an investment in yourself.