15 Jul

When searching for a new job or career path, people tend to focus on the nuts and bolts, the basics and that's understandable. How's my resume, how many jobs should I apply for this week, do I even own nice clothes?   However, it is critical for your physical and mental health to take some time to be reflective and care about what you need as you embark on this new career journey.  
1. Find wasted time and capitalize on it.  

What's wasted time, you ask?  You know it.  That time while running errands that you have 10 minutes to wait on the pharmacy to fill the prescription.  The thirty minute morning commute to that job you currently loathe.  Use these slivers of time for your good and start doing something that will encourage and motivate you.  Consider starting to listen to a career change podcast.  Try out a quick 3 minute meditation app or get that book on audible you've been meaning to read.  All of these things are additive to your life.  They do something good for you and are an alternative to the mindless scrolling you are otherwise partaking in.

2. Ask yourself once a day, What does my body/brain/spirit need right now?

This simple question, may be hard to answer at first, but recognizing your needs instead of thinking about all the SHOULDS in life is total win!  Your body may be telling you to rest.  How can you rest in such a chaotic day? What might that rest look like.  To me, it is sitting outside in nature for 10 minutes to reset myself and my mood. Maybe your spirit needs creativity?  Buy an adult coloring book at the local dollar store and play for a while.  Play is way too underrated as an adult but keeps us from taking things and ourselves too seriously.

3.Think, if I took myself out on a date today... what would I do?

 How would I amuse myself... what might I like to learn.  Consider this beta testing.... trying out things you never have before or maybe doing something you haven't in a long time.  Remind yourself that doing something even without a goal in mind can be restorative to your spirit.  Some examples: Read about a topic that interests you, simply because it interests you.  Take your dog for a walk and try out that new park.  Go and get that favorite dessert you love so much.  Enjoy spending time with.... well... you!